We Are Alive

Dress : River Island | Jumper : F&F | Shoes : New Look | Necklace : Topshop | Socks : Primark

This jumper is the latest - and most loved - edition to my wardrobe. I spotted it during a last minute Mother's Day rush to Tesco for wrapping supplies with my friend. She definitely wasn't as excited about it as I was. Unfortunately it hasn't photographed very well in these photos; it's actually very sheer and shiny looking - see here for a better example. It's a little more quirky and unconventional than what I'd usually expect from Tesco, which is why I didn't mind paying a little more than I usually would for Tesco clothing...or at least I didn't mind enough to stop me buying it. I just keep telling myself that if it were from Topshop, it would probably have been twice as expensive (and I still would have bought it). I wore this on Mother's Day with a River Island dress and my caged sandals from New Look, which I've enjoyed pairing with just about every colour of socks possible (these ones have doughnuts on). So that turned out to be some expensive wrapping paper.

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Mr and Mrs...

Following a real-life five year engagement, my brother and his beautiful wife finally tied the knot this weekend. I love weddings and have fully enjoyed attending my cousins' and close family friends' special day in the past, but nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming sense of pride and sheer happiness in seeing my eldest brother (and best friend) marry the love of his life. It was the most magical day from beginning to end. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving family #lovelovelove.

Of course - in true blogger fashion - I took a few snaps of what I wore on the day amongst the beautiful grounds of the venue...

My SLR had been set up ready to record the speeches, so I had to use my iPhone for these pictures - luckily it was a lovely sunny day so the quality isn't too bad! From the flower girls (their two daughters) wearing converse to the Super Mario and Princess Peach cake toppers to the tv series-themed table names, the whole day was completely them - and it was brilliant.

To the happy couple <3

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Skin Saviour: No7 Pore Vacuum Mask

No7 Pore Vacuum Mask, £14 - Boots

Hen weekends usually consist of large groups of drunk and disorderly women living it large with tacky pink handcuffs waving willy-shaped paraphernalia around. Although I can't rule out the latter, my first Hen experience at the weekend was quite different. I had a deliciously relaxing and totally zen weekend spent at a beautiful spa. Oil based pampering, facials, full body massages and steam treatments were all on the menu - and I've come back rejuvenated and totally inspired to carry on looking after my skin. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite new skin products over the next couple of weeks. First up, the No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask.

Oily t-zones and problem pores beware; I really think I'm onto a good'un here. This 50ml tube contains a thick, clay-like substance which, when spread evenly over the nose and/or forehead, dries hard and peels off to reveal soft, smooth skin. This stuff is brilliant for cleaning out pores and helping reduce the oiliness which causes spots. I tend to limit my use of this to once a week as part of my weekly intensive skincare regime before applying a nice, thick night moituriser. It does say on the box (it comes in a box) that if you suffer from particularly dry skin, then you're better leaving this one out, but I'd say it's a great treatment for anyone with oil/oily-combination skin or anyone who suffers with clogged pores or spots in those areas.

Do you have any must-have skin saviours?

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Dreamy Denim

Dress: Topshop | Stripy Crop: Miss Selfridge | Boots: Dorothy Perkins

The most inconceivable incident took place right in the middle of my outfit pictures today; the sun began to shine. After weeks of grey clouds and drizzle flood-inducing downpours, the sun put his hat on just in time to mess up the lighting for my photos. How inconsiderate. Weather-related gripes aside though, this is what I wore when I popped into town with Mama Bear today - if you understand 'pop into town' to mean going with the intention of refunding a couple of bits but then browsing for 6 hours and coming home with more than I went out with, then yes, that's exactly what we did. And it was awesome.

The premature Spring-like sunshine persuaded me to head out sans 50lbs coat, which turned out to be a mistake. Brr. My efforts to layer up with this long sleeved stripy top were futile, but I'd do it all again for the sake of wearing this dress! My new Topshop-flavoured infatuation: the denim shift dress of dreams. Dreeeaamy. I must admit, I bloody love a shift dress - and not only because it's my unremitting mission to morph into (faux) 60s sexy Megan Draper - I just think they're so flattering and you can stuff yourself with cake in the M&S cafe until your heart's content and no one will be any the wiser. Winning combo.

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DIY: Decopatchin'

So last week my sporadic spending habits escalated to a whole new level of crazy in the form of a cardboard 'N'. Although I had every intention of whipping out the paint brush and transforming it into something fabulous for my bedroom, with my horrendous track record of randomly purchasing things and never using them, this was a pretty risky purchase #LivingontheEdge. However this time, ladies, I surprised even myself.

I've tried to make my room pretty and girly with French phrases in perfect pastel pinks and purples or perfume bottles adorning any and every flat surface, but when you have one bright green wall (see this post) - a blindingly obvious telltale of your inner garishness - there's only so far les français can take you. So I've decided to embrace The Green and add some beautiful gaudy garnishing to my room. I think it actually suits its gentle surroundings, in a weird, opposing kind of way.

Basically I decopatched the heck out of the N, which is essentially the art of ripping pieces of paper up and sticking 'em on with glue. You will need a cardboard shape (I bought this N from Hobbycraft for just £1, but you can get all sorts of animals and objects), a paintbrush, some specially formulated Decopatch Glossy Glue and, of course, decopatch paper. I bought the latter three from The Decopatch Place (cutest little site ever) for less than £6. They have a huge range of papers to choose from or you could purchase one of their starter packs and delivery is super quick.

As the name would suggest, traditional decopatching consists of patches of paper being stuck on to create a patchwork effect. I bent the rules slightly and did strips of paper, which I think works just as well. Rip the pieces up in your desired shape, whack some glue on your cardboard...whatever, stick down your paper and glue over the top to give it a glossy finish when dry. And repeat...1,000 times.

This took me about 30-45 minutes to complete and I'm so pleased with the results. Usually when I set out to do something even remotely creative, my efforts never quite turn out how I imagined (see Halloween spider costume), but my decopatched N has become one of my few successes. I love how it's completely personalised and it only cost me £6.98 altogether - I still have loads of paper left over too, what should I decopatch next? I kind of want a zebra/leopard printed animal head??

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